PLUS of Southwest Michigan (Partners in Learning for Unlimited Success)

an Affiliate of Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education

Our Mission:  PLUS of Southwest Michigan is dedicated to providing leadership, support and advocacy of education and services to meet the needs of gifted, talented and creative students in our region.

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PLUS of SWMI Presents:



Both at home and at school, parents of gifted children want to do what’s best,

but risk being labeled a helicopter or bulldozer parent.

How can parenting and advocacy work hand-in-hand to improve the life of the gifted child? When do you go too far and risk alienating both child and teacher?

Learn techniques and strategies to improve parenting, mend relationships, and aid advocacy based on research and experience working with gifted children and families.

·     Facts and tips will be interwoven with personal accounts to

demonstrate effective approaches to improve relationships with

children and school districts.

·     Real-life stories will be included that show the differences between

parenting a typical student and a gifted student.

·     Encourage your child to take risks, take ownership of his/her own learning, and empathize with others.

Presented by Dr. Kelly Schultz and Nan Janecke of the

Academically Talented Youth Program at Western Michigan University.

Discover what works, what to avoid, and how to advocate and

parent without becoming a cliché!

This FREE presentation is open to the public.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

7 p.m.

Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency

1819 E. Milham Ave., Portage

(between Lovers’ Lane and Portage Rd. on the north side of the road)

For more information, call 269-353-3757, or visit our website at

This free program is presented by Partners in Learning for Unlimited Success of Southwest Michigan, a support and advocacy group for the families for advanced and accelerated students. PLUS is an affiliate of the Michigan Association for Gifted Children.

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  PLUS of Southwest Michigan is an association of people who share a common interest in supporting gifted and talented children.  Members include

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Membership:  You may support us through membership in PLUS by filling out a registration form and mailing it to the given address.  You also have the option of becoming a member of The Alliance at that time.

Our President, Nan Janecke, had a viewpoint published in the Kalamazoo Gazette.  Go Nan!

For more information about us you may contact our President, Nan Janecke